‎:: AN ATTACK ON TEHRAN WOULD BE MADNESS ! So don't rule it out ! - Robert Fisk

05/02/2012 16:56

After invading Iraq over weapons of mass destruction, we plan to clap as Israel bombs Iran...

:: NO war - NO sanctions - NO intervention - NO assassinations ! 
As the US and UK gear up for another senseless war in the Middle East, one thing is certain - it will end in disaster.


‘Sometimes it looks like both countries – both under the influence of religious fanaticism – need a stereotyped enemy to rally their own populations. It is Israel that is banging the drums loudest for war.’ - Danny Schechter 

Report From Iran / How Hollywood Spreads Propaganda.


As the psyops operations and media propaganda intensifies, you might think war is imminent and that Iran is doing what countries under threat do in these circumstances, such as mobilizing their people and preparing for a bombing onslaught.

Think again. While I have been told that military targets have been or are being moved around, the atmosphere in Tehran is relaxed with more talk of a cultural battlefield than a military one. There’s a commemoration under way of the 33rd anniversary of the Iranian revolution and an international conference on “Hollywoodism and Cinema” as an extension of an annual Fajr film festival

:: note to the resistance ::

At this point of the procedures, viewing the amazing amout of pure propaganda & disinformation going on, we suggest getting as much info from different sources as a matter of intellectual self defense. We will provide as much of these as possible... May your education & intelligence guard you from obscurantism would it be political, social or of the religious kind ;)

:: The Growing Iranian Military Behemoth?
American political officials and commentators feel free to insist, with a straight face, that Iran is an aggressor nation posing a serious threat to the U.S.: such a serious threat, in fact, that war may be necessary to stop it. 

:: Lawmakers, "Experts" Spin Tales of Iranian Terror in Latin America 
Through its ties with Venezuela and other nations in Latin America, Iran is building an anti-U.S. alliance in the Western Hemisphere that poses a direct, imminent threat to the United States, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen said Thursday.

:: Engineering Consent For An Attack On Iran 
U.N. Nuclear Inspectors' Visit to Iran Is a Failure, "West" Says: American and European (unnamed) "officials" said Friday that a mission by international nuclear inspectors to Tehran this week had failed to address their key concerns, indicating that Iran's leaders believe they can resist pressure to open up the nation's nuclear program. https://nyti.ms/wYvhaq

:: Presstitute alert
Iran stonewalls U.N. nuclear watchdog on (Unnamed) site-diplomats: Iran's apparent reluctance to let U.N. inspectors visit a military site near Tehran underlines the uphill task they face in getting the Islamic state to address suspicions it may be seeking to develop nuclear weapons, Western diplomats say.https://reut.rs/wTu8CJ

:: Crack Israeli commando unit formed to target Iranian nuclear programme
Mossad hit squads have already carried out assassinations on key Iranian scientists and the Depth Corps has been sent deep inside Iran to prepare an all-out strike against its nuclear programme. https://bit.ly/yOvXeS

:: Assassination Unit set up inside Iran
Israeli Defence Ministry official were quoted as saying that the unit has been organized "to coordinate deep penetration operations in other countries as well."https://pakobserver.net/detailnews.asp?id=138673

:: Engineering Consent For An Attack On Iran
Israeli embassies, consulates raise alter over Iranian threats: - 
Israel has raised the alert level at its consulates and embassies due to fears of an Iranian terror attack, Israeli radio revealed Saturday.https://bit.ly/x8MvrX

:: Germany Warns Against Military Action Against Iran
Germany's foreign minister, Guido Westerwelle said on Saturday that Europe is determined to prevent a nuclear-armed Iran but is warning against military action. https://bit.ly/yrt7IB

:: Robert Fisk: An attack on Tehran would be madness. So don't rule it out
After invading Iraq over weapons of mass destruction, we plan to clap as Israel bombs Iran https://ind.pn/wLVHTQ

:: "Iranian opposition" meets in Sweden
About 50 exiled members of Iran's opposition on Saturday gathered for a two-day conference in Stockholm to discuss how they can unite to promote democracy in their homeland and prepare for its parliamentary election in March.https://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4185091,00.html

:: Iran calls on EU to review oil embargo decision
"Unfortunately the EU has succumbed to America's pressure. I hope they would review their decision on sanctioning Iran's oil exports" Iran's oil minister https://www.jpost.com/Headlines/Article.aspx?id=256420

:: Iran to cut oil exports to 'hostile' European states
"We will certainly cut [oil exports] to some European states," Mr Ghasemi said on Saturday. But he gave no indication on timing nor did he identify which countries would be Iran's target because of their "more hostile positions". https://on.ft.com/AEWOjl

:: Iran to OPEC states: Do not raise oil output
Iran has asked OPEC members not to raise oil production to compensate for a European Union embargo against the Islamic republic, Oil Minister Rostam Qasemi said on Saturday. https://www.middle-east-online.com/english/?id=50454

:: Iranian battle group docks in Saudi Arabia
Iran's 18th naval battle group has docked at the port of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, Mehr News Agency quoted the commander of Iran's naval fleet as saying on Saturday. https://en.trend.az/regions/iran/1988224.html